Philatelic Literature Specialists

Dubyniak, Roman and Cybaniak, Peter

The Postal History of Ukraine

K.u.K. Ukrainische Legion 1914-1918
Publisher: Austrian Stamp Club of Great Britain, York, 1990

Large format (A4) paperback, illustrated, iv + 102 pages, text in English, bookplate of BSRP tipped-in at front, slight corner-crease, in Good condition.

In 1914, the Austro-Hungarian Empire stretched as far as Ukraine, occupying the Ukrainian provinces of Bukovyna, Carpatho-Ukraine and Halychyna. At the outbreak of World War One Ukraine presented Austria with a ready-made army of volunteers. The new Ukrainian Legion asked only that they be formed solely of Ukrainians and that they be allowed to fight the Russians!
This publication lists, types, and illustrates all the philatelic material relating to the Legion, including stamps/labels, fieldposts, handstamps, postcards, etc. With scarcity guide. A well illustrated catalogue of this scarce material.


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