Philatelic Literature Specialists

Colley, W.

The Airmails of East Africa to 1952

Publisher: East Africa Study Circle, 2009

Second edition, large (A4) paperback, illustrated, viii + 204 pages, in VG condition.

Expanded edition of Bill Colley’s ‘East African Airmails to 1939′. The handbook covers pioneer flights, early European mail, the Gladstone flights, Wilson Airways, Air Survey Co, East African Airways, Tanganyika Government Service, Imperial Airways, the flights of Beryl Markham and Mrs ‘Harry’ Bonney, Rund-Afrika-Flug, the Indian Ocean Survey Flight, BOAC, military mail 1939-45, East African Airways Corporation, external airlines post-war, and instructional marks. With appendices showing timetables and postage rates. Illustrated with 24 pages of colour plates.


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