Philatelic Literature Specialists

Robinson, Philip E. and Yen, Stephen P.S.

Paris to Shanghai, 1903

A Trans-Siberian Journey to China
Publisher: Yen Ping Sei, Hong Kong, 2011

Paperback, illustrated, 30 pages, in Very Good condition.

New book illustrating and describing a series of 90 postcards that were sent home by a Frenchman, C.E. Tanant, on a journey from Paris to Shanghai in 1903. The postcards have views representing the cities and different parts of Europe and Asia that Tanant passed through. The front and back of each card is reproduced in colour, and the messages written in French have been translated into English and are included. Tanant was a keen philatelist, and many of the cards have railway station or travelling post office marks, adding to the interest for the postal historian. Tanant also took trouble to use different frankings on his cards, and to experiment with different postage rates. As well as informative commentary on Tanant’s journey, the postcards and the stamps/postmarks on them, there is also a double-page map showing the Trans-Siberian and Chinese Eastern railways, with the travelling post office numbers indicated on the various sections.


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