Philatelic Literature Specialists

Scamp, Lee C.

Postal Rate History of China and Hong Kong

The Pre-Adhesive Period to the Beginning of Packet Service from Hong Kong 1800-1845
Publisher: Nancol Enterprises, Houston, 1986

Large paperback, spiralbound, illustrated, xx + 284 pages, covers slightly rubbed and creased at edges, pages fine, in Good condition.

The early postal rate history of China and Hong Kong, besides being closely intertwined with that of Great Britain, was heavily dependent on the postal facilities of India, resulting in combinations of rates of both countries for Far
East mail during the indicated period. Illustrated covers are described to assist understanding of these complex rates. Besides being a compilation of the many applicable types of rates, this book includes relevant shipping information (ships, routes, itineraries, etc.), postal conventions and regulations, related postal markings, etc. . Illustrated in black & white.